Victim Support

What is Stalking?

Understanding the true meaning of stalking

The impact of stalking can hold devastating, emotional, psychological, financial and social implications for the victim.

Stalking is not a physical crime per se. It is a psychological crime denoted by its propensity to induce anxiety, fear and uncertainty in the victim.

If left unattended, stalking can escalate to crimes of a more physically violent nature such as sexual assault, abduction, rape and sometimes murder.

Stalking may be defined as:

"Two or more behaviours directed towards a victim that cause, are intended to cause, or where the perpetrator’s behaviour is reckless as to whether it causes, the victim to suffer fear and alarm."

Stalking spans the gamete underpinning a wide range of other serious crimes of a psychological and physical nature, with strengthening links to, for example:

  • Bullying
  • Child abduction and child abuse
  • Domestic abuse and ex-partner stalking
  • Extortion
  • Honour-based crimes
  • Human-trafficking and sexual exploitation
  • Identity theft
  • Racial, religious and community hatred crimes
  • Sexual crimes

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