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Raising the bar - Ensuring a safer environment for your staff

Where stalking is targeted at an employee of an organisation, it will contribute to performance dysfunction, poor time keeping, erratic attendance, and capability to function coherently. Clearly this has a knock-on effect on organisation productivity and performance.

Stalking is a form of harassment and bullying so employers have a duty of care under Health and Safety legislation as well as under the Equality Act 2010.

Where there is an allegation of bullying, harassment or stalking, an employee has various potential claims they can level at their employer, for example, a grievance, a constructive dismissal claim, personal injury and other civil action claims.

So as well as Employment Tribunal situations, employers may unwittingly find themselves in a situation of defending a civil action through the inappropriate behaviours of an employee/s. Unsuccessful defence of such claims will lead to employers paying damages, their costs and  those of the employee / stalking victim, in addition to the indirect costs in terms of time and productivity.

Employers are advised to have appropriately designed policies and procedures in place and provide robust support options for those who are being stalked. This will enable the victim to remain at work, where appropriate, or allow relevant time off while investigations and actions are taking place.

What can AAS do to help?

Training for Managers, Human Resources, Occupational Health, Trade Unions and Employee Representatives

Our bespoke training and support packages are tailored for all services and organisations. We cover:

  • Policy and procedural design, review and development
  • Raising awareness for employees and respect campaigns
  • Creating behavioural ambassadors
  • Coaching support for those affected

You will also be able to purchase our Victim Impact Box which you could distribute to victims as a tool of information, resource which will begin their journey of taking back control of their fearful situation. To ensure effective use of the VIB, AAS provides training and certification to those who have completed this.

Please email us on to get more information on our bespoke training and Victim Impact Box.

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