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How do I Recognise Stalking?

Identifying the wide spectrum of stalking behaviour

Stalkers will use a variety of different behaviours: endearing, loving, nasty, threatening, violent.

Below are some of the most common stalking behaviours but it is stressed that this list is non-exhaustive. If you feel you are in danger, please contact the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300.

Stalking behaviour includes:

  • Following, surveillance, spying
  • Standing, loitering around your home, school, place of work etc.
  • Verbal abuse or public humiliation
  • Unsolicited mail, postcards, photographs, gifts from the endearing to the bizarre
  • Repeatedly texting / emailing / leaving voicemails
  • Planting spyware, viruses into your computer
  • Hacking into your computer, email, social media accounts
  • Spreading rumours, discrediting
  • Threats / violence against you, your family, friends or pets
  • Damage to property, stealing your belongings
  • Physical violence, sexual assault, rape, murder
  • Attempting to take the children away, limit access by making false allegations or engaging in parental alienation
  • "Befriending" your friends, family to get closer to you
  • Stealing and disturbing post / mail
  • Going through rubbish bins; leaving offensive material in the garden
  • Breaking into your car, home or office
  • Interfering, damaging personal belongings
  • Threatening your freedom by making false allegations to the police
  • Blackmail - Threatening to divulge information that would be harmful to you
  • Invading your personal space by standing too close or brushing against you
  • Ordering unwanted goods to be delivered to your house
  • Seeking physical proximity by applying for jobs where you work; joining your gym / church / professional / social / sports groups or clubs; moving into your neighbourhood or building etc.
  • Leaving or sending threatening objects
  • Ordering goods in your name and your address
  • Identity theft - pretending to be you
  • Running up debt in your name
  • Cyber stalking and bullying - social networks, websites, online forums, online chat rooms, instant messaging

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If you or someone you know feel you are in danger, please contact the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300 or view the list of helplines in our Helplines section of this website.